Zodiac Signs That Are True Romantics At Heart

Modern love makes us reconsider everything, from the ideal photo angle to the best Hinge prompt question to the best first date drink.   

Zodiac signs have been a relationship symbol in recent years.   

While you may have found the perfect zodiac compatibility guide, knowing which signs suit you is just as crucial.  

Definitely the most emotional zodiac sign is Cancer. Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are family-oriented, sympathetic, and empathetic—perfect for romance.  


Scorpios often rush into romance without hesitation. They adore intimacy but are wary of new people. Scorpios prefer strong lust to long-term love.  


Pisces—the worst romantic. Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, prefers the notion of love to the actual thing.


Aquariuses are the most choosy zodiac signs, thus their partners must meet their high standards.  


One of the most unexpected but romantic signs is Virgo. Due to their carefully selected sacred group, they're cautious and conscious lovers.  


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