Zendaya and Tom Holland Show off Basketball Skills While Visiting Oakland School

On Friday, the two went to an Oakland school for a basketball non-profit event. Hoopbu

On Friday, the couple demonstrated their basketball abilities at a school in Zendaya's hometown of Oakland, California, for an event with the non-profit basketball group Hoopbus.

Zendaya, 26, was cheered on by kids in one Instagram video recorded by Hustle actor and basketball player Elvin 

Rodriguez as she assisted a shot by throwing a basketball in the air, which Rodriguez — wearing a HoopBus T-shirt — collected and tossed into the net. 

"@zendaya with the Lob!" Rodriguez captioned the photo. "ZENDAYA deserves a TEN-DAYA," 

said the charity, whose Los Angeles branch distributes basketball to the neighborhood through a 40-foot yellow school bus outfitted with hoops. 

In another video shared by the HoopBus and Regular Hoops Instagram pages, Holland, 27, 

was shown some excellent basketball skills by Harlem Globetrotters star Sam Diaz, who was on-site at the school. 

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