Yellowstone's Kevin Costner shares a throwback photo, and fans are blown away by how dreamy he appears.

Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton on the Paramount+ blockbuster show Yellowstone, has a long history in the television and film industries.

 Because of his lengthy and successful career, he has admirers who span generations 

and fans were left stunned when he tweeted a throwback photo of himself from a few decades ago. 

He shared an old photo of himself, a black and white headshot, on Instagram, annotating it with some life wisdom. 

"I often wonder what I would say to this guy if I could go back in time." "Mostly, I'd want to tell him to brace himself for a wild ride," he says in the caption.

He then urged his followers to leave their own recommendations in the comments section of his post.

 In the caption, he asks, "What would you tell your younger self if given the chance?"

Fans quickly responded with a cacophony of comments, primarily praising the Yellowstone actor's appearance. 

"Good Lord, you expect people to think after posting this?!?" one individual asked.

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