Yellowstone season 5 part 2: John Dutton's next move?

What will happen to patriarch John Dutton is a crucial topic as Yellowstone prepares to release its final episodes.

 The last episodes of the series will be driven by John's eventual fate amid rumors that the show is ending because of Kevin Costner.

John Dutton's ascent to the top and election as governor of Montana marked the beginning of Yellowstone season 5.

However, John discovered the hard way that his adamant approaches to politics weren't always effective. 

He put an end to Market Equities' proposed airport project, leading to a tremendous number of lawsuits and negative headlines.

John's quick temper might be harmful to him; for example, he once dismissed all of his consultants on the spot because he was unhappy that they were attending a conference without him.

Then, as their friendship persisted, he commuted Summer's (Piper Perabo) sentence. This caused Summer and Beth to physically fight.

The situation worsened when John identified a virus in bison that, if made public, could cause them to lose all of their livestock. It can put the family into bankruptcy when coupled with the lawsuits.

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