World's Richest billionaires as per their zodiac sign

Wealth and prosperity are lucky for some zodiac signs.  

Libra was the most probable sign to become a billionaire due to its personality attributes. Learn about billionaire zodiac signs and how they become one.  

Elon Musk — Cancer

Musk, who co-founded five companies and is best known for the Tesla automobile, is worth USD 244.1 billion. 

Jeff Bezos — Capricorn

As Amazon's creator, Bezos revolutionized e-commerce, among other things. Capricorn Bezos has a USD 170.8 billion net worth. 

Larry Page — Arie

If money-making abilities are evaluated, Aries, the ram, is the next lucky sign after Libra. Page, who co-founded Google, is worth $116.7 billion. 

Warren Buffet — Virgo 

The world's fifth richest man is Warren Buffet. He is a solid earth sign Virgo with a $121.5 billion net worth. They value punctuality, detail, and resource allocation. 

Alice Walton — Libra

Walmart heiress Her father, Sam Walton, built the profitable worldwide supermarket chain that Alice took over. 

Ralph Lauren — Libra

This symbol is common among billionaires, like Ralph Lauren. He is valued USD 8.1 billion and well-known to fashionistas. 

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