Why the NFL may earn more than $126 billion in television revenue by 2033

The king of television is live sports, and the king of sports is professional football. 

The NFL will get $125.5 billion ($3.92 billion per franchise) in television revenue over the following ten years. 

But when you look at how its media deals are set up, the league will wind up making more money—likely significantly more—than that. 

First off, unlike the NFL's previous Sunday Ticket arrangement with AT&T (worth $1.5 billion annually), 

which will show games on YouTube, the NFL's agreement with Alphabet only covers residential rights. 

Accordingly, the NFL should receive an additional $150 million to $200 million each year through 2029 

the league's commercial rights (for hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.), in addition to the $2 billion per year it would receive from Alphabet.

The NFL and RedBird Capital Partners announced the creation of EverPass Media in March. Starting with the 2023 NFL season,  

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