When it comes to love, three zodiac signs learn to take advice from their pals on September 6, 2023.

Do you ever find yourself in a bind because you ignored the counsel of a trusted friend? Should've, would've, could've, but... Okay, so now what? The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini occurs on September 6, 2023, prompting us to ponder whether or not we made a romantic misstep. You did, without a doubt.

Because you are confident in your own judgment and believe you have a deeper understanding of yourself than your pals do, taking their counsel is not your thing. 

1. Leo 

Some of your friends may have offered some 'insight' about the person you're now dating, and you may have taken offense and felt the need to defend your partner.

You aren't the kind to conform to the expectations of others,

2. Libra 

and so when your friends try to warn you about potential problems with the person you're seeing, you brush them off as "jealous" or "critical."

In the early stages of your current relationship, you noticed the writing on the wall, but the writing hinted at an ugly truth that you did not want to face. 

3. Sagittarius 

 But your trusted circle of friends saw through him or her immediately and forewarned you to stay away.

They said it was time to open your eyes to the reality and that you should remember your previous habits and how they hurt you in the past.

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