Vikings cut Jalen Reagor.

I couldn't help but giggle when I spotted the following tweet on Tuesday about a prospective Jalen Reagor deal.

Which NFL team is making a trade for a complete bust who had eight receptions for 104 yards and finished 16th out of 17 eligible players in punt return average (6.42) the previous season?

Reagor is likely to clear waivers given that teams won't be in a rush to pay his $2.4 million contract. He might join the practice squad or something.

In any case, the Eagles should not be pleased with this development. They have an incentive to want Reagor to succeed with the Vikings this year because,

 according to my BGN Radio co-host Jimmy Kempski, Minnesota's 2024 fifth-round pick that is owed to Philadelphia might move up to a fourth-round pick if any of the following conditions are met:

Reagor was obviously unlikely to ever strike any of those. However, it was a once-possible outcome that is now impossible.

Even if Howie Roseman utterly blew it by selecting Reagor over Justin Jefferson in the 2020 NFL Draft,

he at least managed to gain back some value with the trade from the previous year. Here are the terms again, plus some additional context:

Arch Manning has not clinched Texas' backup quarterback position.