'Very High' Confidence Brad Holmes Detroit Lions Will Win NFC North

For close to three decades, the Detroit Lions have not even come close to winning their division. 

A triumph in the NFC North division would be significant for a multitude of important reasons. 

It would be the first time in Ford Field's existence that the fanbase would get the chance to play at home in the playoffs. 

When the question, which was almost certainly going to be asked, was spoken, general manager Brad Holmes 

was seated at the podium and leaning closely in the direction of the microphone. 

There has been a degree of preseason optimism within the organization that has not been seen before in relation to the Lions.

It is anticipated that the club would achieve new heights in 2023 after having a season that culminated in an outstanding finish.

On the other hand, the regular season will not begin until Thursday, when they play the team that won the most recent Super Bowl in front of the entire country,

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