Trump Rallies Supporters with Georgia Arrest, $7.1 Million

Trump raised $7.1 million since his recent arrest in Georgia, capitalizing on his mug shot.

A record $4.18 million was collected in a single day, marking his highest 2024 campaign haul.

Over the past three weeks, his campaign amassed nearly $20 million, coinciding with his indictments in Washington and Georgia.

Fundraising surged after Trump returned to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to post his mug shot and campaign link.

This $7 million accounts for about a fifth of the $35 million he received in the second quarter through the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee.

Following his indictment in Manhattan for hush-money payments, the campaign raised $15.4 million.

Special Counsel Jack Smith's federal court indictment led to another $6.6 million raised in a short period.

Politico initially reported these fundraising figures.

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