Trey Lance reveals reaction to trade news

Trey Lance has shared his response to being moved to the Dallas Cowboys after a turbulent few months that saw him go from maybe being the 49ers starting quarterback to being relegated to third-string and then traded to Dallas.

"Obviously, it was difficult," Lance told Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "But for me, it was figuring out what was next and what was going to happen in the future.

 "I really tried not to expect anything in particular, but when I heard 'Cowboys,' I couldn't help but smile." I was overjoyed to be here."

Lance went on to speak on his friendship with new teammate Dak Prescott, stating Prescott "welcomed him with open arms," and added, "This morning was the first time I ran into him, but that meant a lot to me."

He's definitely a man who has played at a top level for a long time. Nothing but admiration for him, which I believe he deserves and receives from the rest of the league. So I'm just trying to learn whatever I can from him."

The former first-round pick has no regrets about what happened in San Francisco, but he is pleased to be in Dallas and can't wait to learn more from Prescott, stating, 

"How he treats people." That's exactly the kind of person he is. And, of course, the football stuff speaks for itself. But I'm looking forward to being a sponge and absorbing whatever I can from him."

Lance is anticipated to be a backup in Dallas in the future, but with four years remaining on his deal, who knows what the future holds for the two-time FCS Champion?

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