Travis Kelce: ‘I said what I said’ about Taylor Swift dating rumors. 

Travis Kelce officially addressed Taylor Swift romance rumors, but he kept silent.You authors want to hear more about what I know.

In an NFL+ interview on September 15, the 33-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player told Andrew Siciliano, 

"I'm not giving you anything." After this, the sports reporter asked Travis if he had packed a friendship bracelet with his phone number to offer to Taylor, 33, at the pop icon's Eras Tour.

I said what I said. Super Bowl winner: I meant what I said. “It is what it is. My personal life is off limits.” 

Travis joked about ending the interview after being pushed. Recently,

Travis Kelce's brother Jason Kelce was asked about the romantic rumors, and while he admitted that he had "seen the rumors, 

he refrained from making any commentary on the subject matter when he was asked further questions.

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