Top 10 Running Backs in the NFL Right Now, Ranked

Following a year in which several players at the position exploded, a few big names failed to make the cut for the finest choices on the field in 2023.

Many consider Bijan Robinson to be one of the top running backs in the NFL after the Falcons selected him with the eighth overall choice in the April draft.

Robinson was a standout running back in college, capable of both blocking and receiving, so that prediction could come true 

However, the incoming rookie will have to demonstrate that his all-around skill set transfers to the NFL, 

which will be difficult in a league where many running backs had breakout seasons in 2022.

To counteract the popular defensive tactics that limit downfield plays, teams are running more these days, which could explain why two running 

backs were drafted in the top 12 this year (Robinson at No. 8 and Jahmyr Gibbs to the Lions at No. 12).

However, just because they were drafted, those two rookie running backs should not be regarded top ten at the position. 

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