Tom Brady vs. Dan Marino: Resolving Joe Montana's viral claim to an NFL legend.

Joe Montana contended that neither he nor Tom Brady are the best. Dan Marino, on the other hand, is the greatest quarterback of all time.

That is an astonishing statement from a man who has won four Super Bowls while the former Miami Dolphins hero has not.

Of course, the former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers player leads the field with seven Super Bowl triumphs.

Joe Montana made the remarks while watching his old mater, Notre Dame, face the Navy in Dublin, Ireland. 

According to him, Joe Montana's assessment of Dan Marino is based on technique and style more than achievements.

As a result, the former Dolphins quarterback is ranked higher than both him and Tom Brady.

But, if that is the case, statistics must count for something in a world where championships don't matter. 

Here, we examine who is the best quarterback the NFL has ever seen.When deciding who is the best quarterback of all time, there are two approaches to consider. 

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