The 'Yellowstone' feud: Kevin Costner Breaks His Silence and Threatens Legal Action

The celebrity weighs in on the production issue during his divorce trial.Kevin Costner has finally spoken out about his months-long battle with Yellowstone.

At his divorce court on Friday, Costner discussed his profits from the Paramount Network drama that has been the most watched on TV.

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According to People and other publications, the 68-year-old Golden Globe-winning Yellowstone star may sue the show to settle their differences.  

Costner said Paramount “walked away” from negotiations for the unfilmed second half of season five, owing him $12 million. 

Costner, whose wife of 19 years, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce in May, stated, “It's a little disappointing that [it's the] number one show on television [and] I'm not participating “I’ll probably sue.”

Costner and Paramount representatives declined comment. After the first part of season five aired late last year, Yellowstone went on pause. Production sources blamed the actor's busy schedule.

Actor camp sources said showrunner Taylor Sheridan took on too many projects, and Sheridan blamed Paramount's rising demand for streaming content.

Costner got an agreement to make Horizon, a four-film saga, which has already finished filming Horizon: An American Saga. Costner said he rescheduled Horizon production after Yellowstone season five was split last year. 

When he was ready to film, the second half of the season's scripts were incomplete. Paramount stunned fans in May by revealing the show would conclude with season five's second half.

Costner wanted to return for season six, but “I couldn't help them any more. We negotiated, but they offered me less money than previous seasons and had creative concerns.

In The Hollywood Reporter's cover article on Sheridan, the showrunner said Costner had asked to work less days on Yellowstone in recent seasons to focus on his movies, which frustrated producers.

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