The umpire gives Aaron Boone a direct message. 

In his six seasons as the manager of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone has never been one to hold back, 

particularly when it comes to the umpires.But home plate umpire Bill Miller wasn't having it during Tuesday's game against the Toronto Blue Jays. 

In the top of the third inning, Blue Jays centerfielder Kevin Kiermaier was hit by a pitch from Yankees pitcher Clarke Schmidt that was ruled a ball after one out. 

Boone appeared to contest the call. But Miller wasn't having it and retorted, loud enough for the cameras to hear, 

"You say something? Ideally, no.When Boone responded, he rolled his eyes and spoke inaudibly enough ,

for the cameras to miss what the former third baseman had to say.The amusing exchange added some laughter ,

to what would otherwise have been a depressing season in New York. 

With 12 games left in the regular season and a 76-74 record, the Yankees are on the verge of missing the postseason for the first time under manager Aaron Boone. 

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