The Bears' preferred trade partner for a $20 million Pro Bowl edge rusher

Trades within divisions are uncommon, but new faces in the executive offices of the Chicago Bears

and Minnesota Vikings might change that — especially if the deal benefits all parties.

If the Bears want to break.500 in the second year of the franchise's rebuild, they'll need more help pressuring the passer. 

The Vikings are paying between $17 and $20 million for Danielle Hunter, an outside linebacker who does not look to be part of the team's long-term future.

Before Chicago signed Yannick Ngakoue and Hunter and the Vikings were mired in a contract dispute, 

a trade in which the Bears sent their 2024 second-round pick to Minnesota in return for Hunter made sense.

It makes sense even now.In 2022, Chicago finished last in the NFL in sack production, with only 20 sacks as a team. 

 The acquisitions of Ngakoue and DaMarcus Walker bring 16.5 sacks from last season to the equation, raising the Bears' pass-rush floor but not establishing an elite ceiling.

The Vikings increased Hunter's salary to $17 million guaranteed and $20 million with incentives in a one-year contract extension,

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