The all-new Toyota Century SUV will be globally presented

Breaking: Toyota's new Century SUV to be shown off to the world on September 6 at 15:23 GMT, according to Rahul Nagaraj's reporting

Toyota's brand-new Century SUV Debuts Around the World 

The drivetrain generates 406 horsepower, and Toyota says the vehicle can travel 69 kilometers on electricity alone.

This SUV marks the first time the 'Century' brand has been employed by the manufacturer. 

 The new Century SUV will join the existing Century sedan in being sold exclusively in Japan. However, the sport utility vehicle has the potential to go international.

The Toyota Century SUV is the most recent and most luxurious vehicle produced by Toyota. Its dimensions are 5,205 millimeters in length, 1,990 millimeters in width

1,805 millimeters in height, and 2,950 millimeters in wheelbase. The exterior of the Century SUV is upright and boxy, but the sharp corners have been smoothed off

The SUV's headlights, like the sedan's, are equipped with LED components, and the "Pheonix emblem" takes pride of place in the middle of the grille. 

The Century SUV may be outfitted with alloy wheels as large as 22 inches in diameter. Customers have the option of purchasing conventional swing-out doors or sliding doors, similar to an MPV

The SUV features three different driving modes (Normal, Eco, and Sport) and an additional option (Rear Comfort) that is designed to minimize the impact of acceleration and braking on those sitting in the back. The SUV has standard four-wheel steering.

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