The 10 Best Custard Stands in Milwaukee

What you'll get: butter pecan, cinnamon, raspberry Leon's is the go-to place for the authentic Milwaukee custard experience. It's been there forever, and it, along with another MKE institution (spoiler alert: Kopp's), serves the greatest custard.   

Leon’s Frozen Custard

Kopp's, the other custard institution in Milwaukee, has responded to shifting tastes more recently, offering a vast array of daily rotating varieties. There's everything from rum and coke to blue moon and red velvet cake.   

Kopp’s Frozen Custard

Any flavor of the day, especially one including pie. True story: On banana cream pie custard day, I witnessed an employee at this small Greek stand carrying stacks of Bakers Square pie boxes into the kitchen.  

Golden Gyros

Those Things, grasshopper pie Gilles is Milwaukee's oldest custard business, having founded in 1938. You can get the regular flavors of the day, but if you want something new, you can request one of Those Things.   

Gilles Frozen Custard

Anything in a waffle cone. Any flavor custard here tastes fantastic when served in one of the fresh, handcrafted waffle cones. They're popular, so there's nearly always an overeager youngster running the waffle irons and rolling the hot cones.   

Oscar’s Frozen Custard

Undae with more cherries. If you can overlook the awful algae odor emanating from the lake, you'll most likely find yourself at Bradford Beach during the summer. Unless you pack a picnic, everyone is served deep-fried cheese curds and custard after a long day of beach volleyball or kite flying.   

Northpoint Custard

Dreamsicle or Butterfinger Kitt's old-school neon signs have long served as a light for Northside inhabitants. You'll receive straightforward service and have a friendly neighbor to converse with while you wait for your purchase.   

Kitt’s Frozen Custard

Big Deal serves the standard flavors of the day, shakes, and so on, but it also boasts a massive sundae, appropriately named the Big Deal. It has seven scoops of vanilla custard, topped with every chocolate and peanut butter topping they have.   

Big Deal Burgers & Custard

The structure that now houses Junior's has been a custard stand since the 1950s and was an original Kopp's site until 1994. After a couple ownership changes, Junior's started in 2011 and is still going strong.  

Junior’s Custard

Fred's does not follow the same custard regulations as the majority of other establishments because its custard is made in a soft-serve machine. However, it is ideal for creating cocktails.  


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