Taylor Sheridan & Mike White Rule? WGA Deal Allows Showrunners to Stay Solo

During the lengthy WGA summer strike, there was great disagreement over the idea of showrunners like Taylor Sheridan.

Of Yellowstone and Mike White of The White Lotus scripting entire television series by themselves.

Following the WGA's agreement with the AMPTP, which included minimum staffing requirements, it became clear that these lone scribes could continue working on their own.

The WGA-AMPTP MBA for 2023 states that "This Paragraph M. does not apply when a single writer or team of writers is employed to write all episodes."

It occurs because the agreement mandates that studios hire a minimum of three writers and three writer/producers for shows with six episodes or fewer. 

The minimum is now five writers and three writer/producers for shows with seven to twelve episodes.

And six writers and three writer/producers are now required for shows with thirteen episodes or more.

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