Strangely, former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana is suing San Francisco.

Joe Montana is said to have launched a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco.

The former NFL quarterback is synonymous with the city and is treated as king there, having won four Super Bowls with the 49ers in the 1980s and transforming 

Montana, widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time, finished his career with the Chiefs in Kansas City.

He is now one of a number of residents suing the city for sewerage damage caused by a storm on New Year's Eve that caused flooding and water damage on Marina Boulevard.

The city has responded, arguing that the infrastructure is not to blame for the floods because the rainfall was extraordinary, but that it will evaluate the complaint and react in court.

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 They blame the city for the city's inadequate infrastructure.

For many years, the city has had actual and constructive knowledge that the sewage and storm drainage system in and around the [Marina Boulevard area] 

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