Seahawks' $72 million star called out for 'dirty' hit on Rams cornerback

While the Seattle Seahawks had a lot of buzz heading into their season opener against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday,

September 10, the squad completely broke apart in the second half, losing 30-13 in front of a home crowd.

During the fourth quarter, Seahawks standout wide receiver DK Metcalf couldn't contain his rage and shoved Rams defender Akhello Witherspoon to the ground. 

"This was a Dirty, dirty move by DK Metcalf," BroBible's Dov Kleinman wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. The defender also stayed down for a time away from the play."

Metcalf was flagged for taunting, which resulted in a 15-yard penalty for Seattle. "So Metcalf keeping his cool remains a problem," 

ESPN's Brady Henderson said, citing Metcalf's habit of losing his cool when the Seahawks are losing.

Metcalf, who signed a three-year, $72 million contract extension last offseason, was chastised for the uncalled-for hit. 

"Not sure I've ever been more disappointed in a single player's conduct year in and year out; and I was a fan during the Bosworth era," 

one Seahawks fan remarked, while ESPN NY radio commentator Jake Asman said, "Metcalf should be suspended for this b*******."

Metcalf told reporters after the game, "I was blocking too hard and pushed him to the ground, and he got mad because he felt I blocked him from behind." But since I block every play, that's what happened."

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