Sam Heughan Discloses His Daily Diet on the Set of 'Outlander'

Sam Heughan's demanding role in the critically acclaimed series Outlander necessitates attention to his profession as well as a disciplined approach to nutrition and fitness.

Heughan has revealed all of his food secrets to those who have questioned what drives the actor during those long days of filming.

Here's a peek at what keeps Heughan in shape on the set of Outlander, from pre-dawn protein shakes to late-night spirits. 

Heughan's hectic work schedule necessitates a stringent diet and exercise regimen. In an interview with Men's Health, the Outlander star revealed what he eats on a typical filming day. 

Outlander production often begins early in the morning, needing Heughan to stay up for the long hours ahead. 

He begins his day with a zesty lemon-infused drink and swiftly switches to massive amounts of black coffee to kickstart his energies. 

On those early filming days, Heughan separates his workout program into two parts: an aerobic burst in the morning and a weightlifting session thereafter. 

He refuels after workout with a nutritious protein drink made with greens powder, blueberries, mint, ginger, and either water or nut milk.

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