Regarding her status as "the athlete in the world," Alica Schmidt shares her thoughts.

German track and field athlete Alica Schmidt rose to fame after an Australian magazine named her the "World's Sexiest Athlete" in 2021.  

She prepared for rigorous training days ahead of the new season with her intriguing routine. 

Let's review her life and accomplishments before delving into the special warm-up routine that made her famous. 

Alica Schmidt's warm-up routine, which included an intriguing "Hurdles Dance," attracted a lot of attention a few weeks ago.  

Schmidt is regarded by many as the sexiest female athlete in the world and has millions of Instagram followers.  

We dig into her life and accomplishments in more detail in this piece. 

Prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Alica Schmidt, a physical beauty recognized throughout the world, became well-known.  

the special warm-up routine that made her famous. 

the "World's Sexiest Athlete" in 2021.