Rams' 41-0 preseason loss was NFL's worst in 20 years.

Preseason games don't count, thankfully for the Rams. The Broncos-Rams blowout 

from Saturday night will be remembered as one of the worst NFL preseason losses.

Denver won the Rams 41-0 at home to finish the preseason on Saturday, dominating the game. 

The Rams managed 11 first downs against the Broncos' 33 and were outgained 494-159.

The Rams' 41-point setback is the greatest preseason margin since 2008, when the Panthers beat Washington 47-3.  

It's the biggest shutout loss since the Patriots' 41-0 2006 win against Washington.

That's nearly 20 years since the last preseason game was this lopsided. This dismal showing from Los Angeles will leave the Ram

Broncos 0-0 heading into the regular season, but this wasn't the Rams' preseason goal.

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