Raiders' Jimmy Garoppolo Attacks the 49ers for Trading Trey Lance

The San Francisco 49ers gave up on former No. 3 pick Trey Lance after just two seasons with the organization and dealt him to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for a fourth-round pick. 

The Lance draft pick is a significant factor in why Jimmy Garoppolo is currently playing for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Since it was obvious he wouldn't be a part of the 49ers' future plans, Garoppolo has refrained from stirring up trouble with the team, but now that he's not there, he can talk a little more openly. 

He came out and made a few jabs at the 49ers for their previous quarterback management decisions.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated on August 29, Garoppolo called the scenario "weird." There have been many strange occurrences in San Francisco.

I'll end it there for now. But I'm glad Trey got a second chance. I'm glad he's traveling to Dallas because it gives him another chance, and I hope things go well there.

Garoppolo was called in to take over for Lance until an injury forced him to do so last year. Brock Purdy later took over for Garoppolo,

and he has since taken over for both Garoppolo and Lance. The 49ers will be a club to watch early in the season because they currently seem to lack quarterback stability.

Arch Manning has not clinched Texas' backup quarterback position.