Prince Harry and Kate Middleton 'sreconciliation chances revealed

Royal expert disclosed Prince Harry and Prince William's reconciliation chances after his public outbursts and insults on the Royal family. 

In a Daily Express interview, royal analyst Tom Bower stated William and Kate Middleton will never forgive the Duke of Sussex or Meghan Markle. 

Tom stated Harry and Meghan's actions since resigning as senior Royals had hurt William, Kate, and the Royal family. 

Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War author When Kate and William were asked if the feuding royals could reconcile, he answered, “Absolutely not.” 

“There's no chance of reconciliation,” he said. "All signs show that William and Kate don't want anything to do with Harry and Meghan." 

The guru predicted the brothers' impending separation, saying, "They should avoid Harry and Meghan. They can only hurt them.” 

“Harry and Meghan only criticize William and Kate. He wondered why William and Kate should forgive them. 

"They only consider their harm," he said. They never realize that telling Oprah Winfrey their entire lives in his book 'Spare,' 

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