Patriots' $6 mill Ezekiel Elliott's offer depends on performance.

With the addition of Ezekiel Elliott, the New England Patriots have added some much-needed depth to their group of running backs.  

However, everyone is curious as to how much this upgrade will cost. Elliott's one-year contract with ESPN's Adam Schefter has a potential value of $6 million. 

It's not, however, as simple as it seems. In breaking down the specifics, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reveals that Elliott will need to put in some effort to earn the entire $6 million. 

His base pay begins at $1.55 million, including a signing bonus of $600,000.  

Additionally, he is eligible to receive an active roster bonus of $50,000 for each game he takes part in. 

If he plays in all 17 regular-season games, he may receive an additional $850,000, for a total of $3 million. 

His performance in terms of snaps and yards gained from scrimmage will determine whether he receives the final $3 million. 

According to Florio, Elliott could receive $300,000 for achieving 975, 1,100, 1,225, 1,350, and 1,475 yards from scrimmage, for a total of $1,500,000.  

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