One college football legend opposes conference realignment.

Nobody who is knowledgeable about collegiate football or college athletics in general seems to favor the most recent realignment trend.

While some conferences, like the once-legendary Pac-12, have lost their relevance, others, like the SEC and Big Ten, are growing in size.

Growth and change aren't inherently negative things, but this latest phase of expansion has gone off the rails, to put it mildly.

In a recent interview, college football legend Steve Spurrier said, "I don't believe it's really wise" (h/t On3). "Money and other things are everything.

 It could make a little more sense if they continue to play their in-state rivals and all that.

To address Spurrier's point, the effect realignment has had on rivalry games has been one of the biggest drawbacks. In 1904, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State began their "Bedlam Series."

There's a chance that won't be the case any longer with Oklahoma joining the SEC in 2024. Now that Oregon will be a member of the Big Ten, the rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State can be said to be similar. 

What about the Washington State vs. Washington State Apple Cup rivalry? Given that the Pac-12 is all but defunct, Wazzou's future is uncertain. 

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