Olivia Rodrigo says 'dad fans' make her 'least lonely' 

Olivia Rodrigo is thrilled that her music appeals to all ages. 

In a recent PEOPLE interview, the singer said she's glad modern parents like her music. 

“I actually think that I'm really excited by the way that people are getting behind artists that normally would be deemed for young people,” she tells PEOPLE this week.

I love engaging with fans my age and individuals going through the problems I'm going through in real time,  

but it's also great to hear those girls' dads say, ‘Wow, I remember when I was going through that heartbreak. 

She says, “It’s awesome. When ‘Drivers License’ came out, individuals from all walks of life would come up to me and say, 

‘I remember precisely where I was experiencing that heartbreak for the first time.’ It's nice that we're all more alike than different.

Just makes me feel less alone. Wow, my experiences aren't that different. Everyone has felt pain, loss, and insecurity. 

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