Noah Lyles annoys NBA stars with post-championship tweets

Noah Lyles won the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4x100-meter races at the global championships in Budapest, 

Hungary, last week, becoming the first man since Usain Bolt to do so.

He had one complaint: NBA players calling themselves "world champion" after winning the Finals.

"Watching the NBA Finals with 'world champion' on their heads pains me most. World champion of what? 

United States?" Lyles answered a 200-meter victory question with "short."

Get me right. I sometimes adore the U.S., but not the world. The world is not that. The world is us. We have practically every country battling, 

flourishing, and flying their flag to demonstrate their representation. No flags in the NBA "added.

Kevin Durant, who has three Olympic gold medals and one world championship gold, and Devin Booker, who has one gold from the 2020 Tokyo Games, expressed their unhappiness on social media.

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