NFL world reacts to hilarious Aaron Rodgers promotion

With his move to the New York Jets, some Green Bay Packers fans may root for Aaron Rodgers. Others may be rooting for him to fall flat on his face.

And a Wisconsin bar is launching a promotion that may shift customers toward the latter category.

In Milwaukee, Jack's American Pub is advertising a promotion dubbed Jets Lose, You Win! It will begin in Week 1. Unless something prevents Rodgers from starting, it will last the entire season, but there will be times when it does not.

The fine print underneath the timetable does include some restrictions on the promotion. "A new tab must be opened 15 minutes before the game begins." 

This offer is not available during Packers games. You must be there during the game. If the Jets lose, only the drink tab is paid. Food is not included. Aaron Rodgers has to start."

This promotion elicited an unusual mix of responses. The promotion is currently slated to run 13 times during the season. Seven of those 13 games will be against last year's postseason teams.

This includes games against both of last season's Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles

As a result, even if their livers don't agree, this marketing could be extremely advantageous to potential customers.

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