NFL rumors: A trade for Jonathan Taylor is still in the works, with only one destination identified so far.

Jonathan Taylor has been placed on the PUP list by the Indianapolis Colts, meaning he will miss at least the first four weeks of the season.

Since Taylor's trade request, the Colts have maintained limited contact with him and have continued to drive a hard bargain.

Indy wants a first-round pick or a trade package that includes one. In trade talks with the Dolphins and Packers, Indianapolis has not been very flexible,

preferring to obtain players like as Jaylen Waddle or Christian Watson in exchange for Taylor's services. That, for obvious reasons, will not fly.

Taylor was reportedly offered two mid-round picks by Green Bay. That wasn't enough to sway the scales in their favor.

It's unclear what the Dolphins decided was appropriate compensation for Taylor, but the star running back has definitely not taken his talents to South Beach for no reason.

With Taylor, Indianapolis had backed itself into a corner. Taylor, one of the league's top running backs, plays an

undervalued position for which the Colts are unwilling to pay a high price. That is also why their trade endeavors have failed horribly.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Colts are keeping their options open. Miami might be involved again, especially if an injury occurs in the backfield. 

Green Bay remains a possibility, though the Colts would have to dramatically lower their asking price. "A return to Indianapolis does not appear to be in the cards for the time being.

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