NFL, NBA, and UFC want to change DMCA takedown laws for rapid removal.

The NFL, NBA, and UFC are attempting to add urgency to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 

(DMCA) in order for the law to shut down unauthorized livestreams sooner. According to a letter obtained by TorrentFreak from the US Patent 

Trademark Office (USPTO), the sports organizations feel that the legislation should clarify more precisely how quickly a DMCA takedown notice should take effect.

The DMCA was signed in 1998 by the Clinton administration and required that takedown notices be processed "expeditiously," 

as stated in Section 512 of the act. The NFL, NBA, and UFC urged the USPTO in a letter dated August 23rd 

When I watch an NFL game on YouTube TV, it usually ends in a little more than three hours. 

If I looked for an out-of-market stream of a specific game and found one that was not allowed by the NFL, 

it would most likely end before a DMCA takedown was finished — which is what the sports organizations are alleging.

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