The NFL's Best and Worst Defenses in 2023

Which defenses will be dominant this season, and which will be trampled? They are listed from 1 to 32. 

The New York Jets had the weakest defense in the NFL in 2021, but by the end of last season, 

they had climbed all the way up to fifth place. That kind of leap is not uncommon. 

When it comes to defense, fluctuations are normal; a team's effectiveness will fluctuate due to turnovers, 

opponent strength, and injury luck. This type of year-over-year variation is less typical on offense because the quarterback has a disproportionate impact on its performance.

So, which defense will be this year's 2022 Jets and climb, and which good units from last year 

will fall down in 2023? Let's rate the top 2023 defenses based on preseason projections.

trading for veteran corner Stephon Gilmore to play opposite Trevon Diggs. Gilmore will turn 33 in September, 

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