New John Madden Story Prove Al Michaels Is A Complete Psychopath

Michaels is known for his odd eating habits. Herbstreit said last season that Michaels consumes five-star meals during Thursday night halftime.

“I work Saturday night shows. Halftime may bring a bag of Cheez-Its or a meal from a neighborhood restaurant downstairs. 

That’s my norm,” he said. Michaels has steak, shrimp, and proper flatware on a plate at halftime. He doesn't eat the mashed potatoes.

“The NFL only has eight minutes for halftime, but once it's over, headphones are off, back behind the screen

 and they set a table, and it's like fine dining for eight minutes—just him eating and talking. It stunned me. That surprised me.”

Why doesn't he touch potatoes? Michaels, a 5-year-old, won't eat any vegetables.

Michaels spoke with The Athletic's Richard Deitsch about several topics. He dined with Hall of Fame coach and broadcaster John Madden.

A supper with Madden was Michaels' favorite Madden story. Michaels' order was insane.

 once ordered French onion soup in Green Bay with only the broth, cheese, and crouton since I hate vegetables. No onions, he said. They brought it! Perfectly. I never saw John laugh harder, and it was always his favorite "dinner with yours truly" anecdote.

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