NBA looking into Ja Morant after reports of violent behavior led to the Grizzlies star allegedly flashing a gun on Instagram

TOPLINE Images circulating on social media claim that Ja Morant displayed a gun while broadcasting live on Instagram early on Saturday.

This comes just days after reports that the Memphis Grizzlies star had been charged with threatening and violent behavior last summer, including allegedly hitting a teenager and flashing a gun at him.

A picture of NBA player Ja Morant, 23, clutching a gun early on Saturday morning that appeared to be from his Instagram account and had more than 1,600 visitors,

according to NBA spokesperson Mike Bass, is being looked into by the league.

According to police documents released by the Washington Post earlier this week, Morant had previously been charged with punching a 17-year-old after a fight at his Memphis home last summer,

but prosecutors declined to do so because there was insufficient proof.

The boy claims that before Morant—who told police he acted in self-defense—retreated into his house to get a gun, he knocked him to the ground and left him with a "big knot" on his head.

Jim Tanner, the agent representing Morant, refuted the claims and claimed that they had been spread to "tarnish his name for their own financial advantage."

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