Morant's mask controversy vs the Nuggets Fans react hilariously, asking, "Was it the 17-year old who punched him?" Due to the Broken Nose

In recent weeks, Ja Morant has remained a fixture in the media spotlight. A red dot, potentially from a gun, was allegedly pointed towards Indiana Pacers players and staff in a car after a game, 

and now claims have surfaced of a second incident involving the same automobile. A police report states that Morant and a 17-year-old were fighting during a pickup game.

Morant allegedly confronted the boy while he was armed with a gun and hit him a dozen times throughout the fight. 

It was announced before Friday's game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets that Morant will wear a facemask.

Many of Morant's supporters are worried after hearing the most recent details of his fight with the teenager.

Recent controversy around Ja Morant

The NBA world has noted that Morant looks to be balancing a life many believe he should have left behind with his NBA career.

You'd think after the incident with the 17-year-old and the allegations of his role in the intimidation of the Indiana Pacers squad, Morant would be trying to stay out of trouble.

Despite this, additional accounts claim that Morant was involved in a tense confrontation days before punching the adolescent during the pickup game.

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