Mike Florio feels Nick Bosa's massive $170 million contract will allow Chris Jones to play even harder.

Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers is now a household name, and Chris Jones hopes to follow in his footsteps.

 NFL analyst Mike Florio argued on Pro Football Talk why the arrangement between the team and the player out west benefits the defensive standout in the midwest.

Here's how he framed it: "There's no longer just one defensive star getting more than $30 million," he reasoned.

It's the beginning of a new era for the San Francisco 49ers' new high-priced star. The contract will pay him up to $170 million through the 2028 season.

 According to Spotrac, it came with a $50 million signing bonus and will net him $34 million each year on average.

 He's guaranteed $122.5 million regardless of what happens.He makes close to franchise quarterback money, averaging $34 million per season.

 For example, Joe Burrow, who is still on his rookie contract, earns only $9 million a season despite leading his team to the Super Bowl.

Kirk Cousins, the Minnesota Vikings' franchise quarterback for years, earns an average of $35 million per season.

Returning to the San Francisco 49ers, QB phenom Brock Purdy earns an average annual salary of $934,000, which is nearly one-third of what Nick Bosa earns. 

 In terms of total contract value, Purdy is on a $3.3 million deal, which is nearly one-twelfth of Nick Bosa's yearly salary every season, excluding Bosa's $50 million signing bonus.

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