Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice 2 Will Redeem $170 Million Bomb That Broke Burton's 3-Movie Streak

"Beetlejuice 2" redeems Keaton-Burton collab after "Dumbo" flop. 

Sequel aims for success like "Batman Returns," echoing style. 

– Release set: September 6, 2024; 35 years since original.

– Returning stars: Ryder, O'Hara, Keaton; new cast: Ortega, Dafoe, Theroux.

– Keaton's role reprise marks fifth Burton collaboration.

– Anticipated return to original's filmmaking style.

– Expectation high for Burton's comeback after 1990s-2000s peak.

– Redemption seen for 1988 partnership's past misstep.

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