Lionel Messi latest global superstar to grace Metro area at his height

Lionel Messi was in New Jersey on Saturday night, which generated quite a commotion 

even though he didn't join the game until the 60th minute. It's interesting that the name of the team he really plays for — formally, 

New York City and its relatives on both sides have a long and lucrative history of embracing stars when the stars are the major attraction and the teams they play for are an afterthought.

This is a tradition that dates back at least to December 6, 1925, when the Chicago Bears officially faced the Giants in a football game at the Polo Grounds. 

Unofficially, that game became the sole galvanizing force that kept pro football — and the Giants — afloat.

That's because the Bears were in the midst of a 19-game, 66-day road trip led by Red Grange, who, in 1925, 

ranked with Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey as America's most famous sportsmen and was by far the most known figure in his sport. 

Tim Mara, who famously purchased the Giants for $500, had witnessed his community slowly warm to his new team,  

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