Kittle and Williams deal restructures free 49ers payroll space.

The 49ers freed up salary-cap room on Wednesday by signing their largest contract.

After Nick Bosa's 44-day boycott from training camp and the preseason, San Francisco extended his contract to five years and $170 million.

The 49ers restructured tight end George Kittle and left tackle Trent Williams' contracts to free up $23.22 million in salary cap space. 

Kittle's 2023 basic salary was converted into a signing bonus for $10.57 million, clearing $8.45 million in. 

Cap space and adding one vacant year. A signing bonus of $18.23 million from Williams' 2023 base salary liberated $14.58 million in cap space.  

And added one vacant year.The 49ers' 2023 NFL salary cap is $178.77 million with $24.6 million in cap space, giving them room to make in-season moves.

San Francisco ranks 20th in active payroll for this season due to many backloaded contracts, yet it. 

Has the seventh-highest salary cap ($257.41 million) in 2024, even with the limit raising to $256 million.

San Francisco will likely struggle with the pay cap in the future, but it is.  

Delighted to have the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year under contract for five seasons.

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