Kevin Garnett's audacious Dolphins vow will irritate Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

With the 2023 NFL season just getting started, there is no better time for fans and commentators to have high hopes and make predictions about which clubs will make a splash in the playoffs. 

 That's exactly what two Boston Celtics icons, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, did on SHOWTIME Basketball's KG Certified podcast,

sharing opposing views on the postseason chances of two AFC East clubs, the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots.

Garnett was a vocal supporter of the Dolphins, believing that they will be able to capitalize on their Wild Card performance last season. 

 The former Celtics center believes the Dolphins, not the Patriots, will challenge the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East title.

"Miami's gonna make it probably before the Pats, bro," Garnett said to Pierce, who argued that the Patriots are in a better position to make the postseason in 2023.

The two eventually agreed to differ, with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce betting on the Dolphins and Patriots, respectively, then shaking hands after accepting each other's viewpoint. 

Depending on which team makes the playoffs, one of them will take the other to Mastro's, the famed steakhouse.

It'll be intriguing to see who makes the playoffs between the Dolphins and Patriots. 

Meanwhile, the Patriots are in 26th place, with pundits concerned about the team's lack of quarterback star power and assurance, as well as top-level depth across numerous positions.

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