Keanu Reeves directed and starred in this strong martial arts film.

Star vehicles for the main heroes are action flicks. Martial arts films do the same, except Bruce Lee shows off his skills while Schwarzenegger shows off his muscles

This has made both personality-driven. Low-profile talents don't always garner attention. 

Man of Tai Chi by Keanu Reeves gave Tiger Chen international exposure.

Unlike other genres, martial arts movies can handle bland plots. Most examples involve a fighting competition.

Though cliched, it gets warriors to their destination quickly and cleanly. It works for most combat games.

 The standard format works every time.While growing up in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Tiger Hu Chen studied traditional martial arts.

The Sichuan Wushu Team at 18 made him an award-winning martial artist. A year later, he moved to Gloucester Township, NJ.

He resided in a wooden cabin behind a commercial complex and taught Tai Chi. Chen met Hong Kong action film legend Yuen Woo-ping in the US and urged him to enroll. 

Since Yuen had great timing, the Wachowskis promptly engaged him to choreograph battle scenes for The Matrix.

 Assistant, choreographer, and stuntman Chen. He befriended Keanu Reeves, who helped him gain bigger roles in the sequels. 

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