Jonathan Majors has been spotted in Malibu following the high school fight video controversy.

Just one day after being recorded on film mediating a conflict between two high school kids, Jonathan Majors was spotted in Malibu. This sighting took place on the same day. 

Majors, who was seen in West Hollywood the week before, wore a shirt with a red and navy patterned on it over a blue muscular tank top for his last outing, 

and he donned a unique look for the occasion. A black baseball cap was perched on his head, and he held a bright blue bag in the hand that was free.

The hero of Creed III finished off his getup with a pair of black pants and well-worn white sneakers with eye-catching red laces. 

Notably, additional footage from the event he interfered in has appeared online, prompting some online viewers to wonder whether or not the incident was faked. 

Priya Chaudhry, the attorney for Majors, gave an interview to TMZ in which she stated that the confrontation was in fact real, 

so putting to rest any skepticism that may have been over the veracity of the occurrence.

An eyewitness has come forward in the wake of recent rumors that cast doubt on the veracity of the incident in which actor 

Jonathan Majors tried to mediate a fight that broke out between two students at their high school. 

The individual stated that they were a student at the same school where the fight took place, and they supplied their first-hand account of the occurrence.

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