Joe Burrow suffers major snub by former All-Pro

That occurred recently on an episode of Fox Sports' SPEAK, which featured a discussion on whether Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow might unseat Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Joe Burrow as the league's top quarterback.

Former Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy delivered Burrow a clear message: Mahomes first, then everyone else.

"Every other quarterback [aside from Mahomes] is competing for second place," McCoy added.

"It's Patrick Mahomes and everybody else," McCoy explained. "We have to put the entire line there." That is something we must show him. It's his level.

 What have they done in the last five years? Either attended an AFC game or the Super Bowl. Come on, he's the man in charge."

McCoy did admit that Burrow is a "[heck] of a player," but he can't be compared to Mahomes because of their respective resumes.

What are we talking about, the man has two Super Bowls and two MVPs?" said McCoy, 

 who noted that Mahomes dominated the league despite losing No. 1 wideout Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in the previous summer.

Arch Manning has not clinched Texas' backup quarterback position.