Jayson Tatum Working Out With Paul Pierce

Last season, the Boston Celtics were eliminated from the NBA Finals by the Miami Heat in a seven-game Eastern Conference Finals series.

As a result, Jayson Tatum appears to be making the most of an offseason in which he is not committed to playing basketball for Team USA.

There have been numerous videos and photographs of Tatum working out with other NBA talents, including Jaylen Brown, in recent weeks. 

However, the most recent video to circulate on social media has fans excited because Tatum is working out with Celtics great Paul Pierce.

Tatum is shown deadlifting heavy weights in the video, displaying his power and boosting his conditioning ahead of what is sure to be a tough season.

Working with Pierce will also provide Tatum with the opportunity to pick the brains of one of the best Celtics players in recent memory,

particularly when it comes to picking his spots in the mid-range and when to pressure the rim.Jayson Tatum is also training with Zach LaVine.

Another video circulating on social media shows Jayson Tatum working out with Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine.

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