Jake Paul feels 'America is collapsing,' and he encourages his followers to vote in the 2024 election: 'We need someone exceptional.'

Jake Paul said Sunday he wants to make an informed decision about voting for president in 2024.

Paul announced on Instagram Stories he would meet with presidential candidates. The Stories expired.

He termed Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy a "good a—American who could seriously help us." in a video. His goal was to meet with Democratic candidate Robert Kennedy Jr

I am meeting with possible presidential candidates. Paul began. "I consider this election the most significant in the past 100 years…" Need someone outstanding. The US is crumbling

 I feel a responsibility to use my platform to help America and my future kids who will have to go to school in this chaos.

"I seem right-wing but am neutral on all policies and want the truth. I want games to stop and salesmen politics to end. Everyone thinks this s--- is unimportant

 but it is! Your vote counts. I sound like a weirdo and marketer now, but frfr. I'm helping us. I will always be the people's champ. I got you."

but I'm here for y'all and as the wealthiest person my age in the world (Kylie couldn't), I hope you can trust me to create a decent president!"

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