"Ja Morant got cancelled"—NHL fans amazed when Valeri Nichushkin posts rifle on social media.

NHL standout Valeri Nichushkin surprised fans. A recent social media photo showed him holding an assault gun near his automobile.

The image, posted from his Russian house, has shocked and alarmed hockey fans and the public.

Nichushkin, known for his ice skills, smiled while holding the pistol in the photo, which sparked a sensation.

The image's potential implications and dramatic contrast to his professional athletic reputation have many wondering the post's context and intent.

The NHL has not commented, leaving fans to wonder if there's more to the story.

This episode highlights fundamental considerations concerning athletes' image and its impact on impressionable minds in an age when they are commonly considered as role models.

A hotel room event involving Valeri Nichushkin haunts many. It happened on April 22, coincidentally with Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoff series against the Kraken.

Nichushkin was involved in a strange incident with a woman at a Seattle hotel, according to reports.

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