“It’s My Brother”: David Carr Makes a Laugh Riot at Tom Brady

Derek Carr's situation is becoming increasingly tense. After a disastrous season, the Las Vegas Raiders' 

starting quarterback declared his departure and is now awaiting a trade. It was difficult for DC4, 

who wanted to be a Raider until the end. David Carr, the QB1's brother, just made a significant announcement but also took a jab at Tom Brady.

As the Raiders' Derek Carr saga unfolds, brother David Carr made a significant announcement. 

He mentioned that the Carr siblings would collaborate on a podcast with Harvester Sports 

The QB1's brother said something that many were anticipating. But he didn't back down and blasted a shot over Tom Brady, the NFL's all-time great.

"It's my brother, and he's going to find another job," David Carr said as he made the revelation. He's going to try to play quarterback in the NFL 

again with another team, and it's a bit sticky right now." The quarterback's sibling also mentioned Tom Brady, saying, "The Raiders will have a new quarterback." 

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